Mesken Properties is a Houston based construction firm with roots in Europe. Our guiding light is building residential communities with a modern flair—­­a modern flair that emphasizes warmth and elegance with an immaculate attention to detail.

A decade of experience building homes and commercial properties in Houston combined with exceptional quality, fair pricing, customer satisfaction and integrity provide the founding principles of Mesken Properties.

We believe every development we forge is a landmark for our reputation established by the completion of construction and also by the customers’ satisfaction. This satisfaction is only achieved when our landmarks become a home

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What our buyers said about us

My fiancée and I moved to the Houston area a little over two years ago. Neither one of us had ever lived in Houston before, so we were a bit overwhelmed initially trying to find our new home. We knew we wanted to live “inside the loop”, but not much other than that.

We had a terrific real estate agent, Carrie Consolvo, who spent countless hours with us during the search for our new home. During an impromptu visit to a Mesken property, we happened to meet Volkan and were immediately impressed with his personality, customer approach, and ultimately his product.

The home that he was building immediately went on our list of properties to seriously consider. As we narrowed our search, Volkan and his team continued to out-perform any of the other builders that we were also interested in. We ultimately chose to buy a Mesken property, and two years later we are both very pleased with that decision!

As with all new homes, there are small issues that arise from time to time and Volkan has been very responsive to any and all requests that we have made of his team. In my experience, this is an exception and not the rule. Most builders forget your name by the time you drive away from the “closing”, but Volkan has not been one of those builders. Nicole and I have been very pleased with his product and his customer service. I would recommend Volkan and the Mesken team to my closest friends, and would purchase another home from Volkan.

-Matt G.

I bought the 1225 Peden Street, Houston, TX, by Mesken Properties just after construction of the building had started during fall 2013. We moved into the house in May 2013 when it was fully finished.

It was a great experience to work with Volkan Irgits during the construction phase . He was very cooperative and skillful when discussing and accommodating agreed upgrades to the house. All work and upgrades were done to our fullest satisfaction. Materials used and workmanship were all of excellent quality.

Having lived in the house for more than two years have also proved the quality of materials and workmanship; nothing have had to be done to repair or redo anything. The functionality of the house also needs to be mentioned, as it has a very good and practical layout.

I can give my best recommendation to Mesken Properties to anyone considering buying a house from them. They deliver as promised and on time, with better quality than many of their peers.

-Hans N.